starter reman process

At the beginning of reman serial production each starter is dismantled completely. All components will be washed, cleaned and degreased. An electrical and mechanically inspection of all parts is following. Damaged components will be replaced by new ones. Wear parts will always be replaced.

Afterwards all parts will be assembled to a complete starter. Quality controls are made on each level of this reman process. Each starter is finally inspected on most modern and fully computerised testing machines.


  • pinion/drive:
    in case of defect or wear out pinion will be renewed. bushings, springs and rolls will be changed. afterwards mechanical quality controls will follow.
  • bearings/bushings:
    always replaced by new ones.
  • solenoid:
    all contacts and connection will be renewed. afterwards an electromechanical test will follow.
  • brushholder:
    brushes and connections will be always renewed.
  • armature:
    surface  will be cleaned and the commutator will be dressed to size. afterwards an electromechanical test will follow.
  • gear/planetary gear:
    surface will be cleaned and grinded. Wear parts will be renewed. afterwards a mechanical inspection will follow.
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